Pro-Life Books
Pro-Life Books

At Gospel of Life Ministries, we are grateful for the many courageous people who have shared their lives, their pain, and their stories of salvation through the gift of writing. Many such works convey the pro-life message.

There is also a constant stream of academic research being published in the pro-life arena, including so much new evidence about how abortion harms women.

To see some of the highlights of the recent publications in the pro-life movement, click here.

Books recommended on recent programs:

Life is a Blessing: A Biography of Jerome Lejeune
by Clara Lejeune

Dr. Lejeune's daughter writes this masterful account of a man who knew how to be a father as well as he knew how to be a scientist. He discovered the genetic origin of Down Syndrome, but more importantly, he was able to articulate a Christian vision of the human person far beyond the sum of his or her genes and chromosomes.

ISBN Number 0-89870-812-5
Published in 2000 by Ignatius Press, PO Box 1339, Ft. Collins, CO 80522
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