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Gospel of Life Ministries received its tax exemption from the IRS in November 2007. Gospel of Life Ministries had waited until the application was approved before soliciting contributions or starting any operations. The IRS has a minimum income threshold for filing and for several years GOLM did not meet this minimum income requirement and thus did not file with the IRS.

The IRS recently instituted a computerized process to automatically revoke the non-profit status of organizations that did not meet certain filing requirements. In June 2010, over 300,000 non-profit organizations "lost" their non-profit status. In order to reinstate the exempt status, an organization is required to submit a re-reinstatement request and any outstanding information returns.

GOL is in the process of completing its 2010 audit and will file the reinstatement request, together with the required filings as soon as the audit is complete. Gospel of Life Ministries is confident that its non-profit status will be restored retroactively once the administrative process is completed.


Thank you for considering a donation to Gospel of Life Ministries! Gospel of Life is funded by Gospel of Life Ministries, of which it is an outreach.

We offer special premiums for our donors. On this page, you will select what premiums you want and tell us where to send them. This is not, however, the place where you make the donation. You will be sent to that page after you submit the information below.

 Please select one of the following options:

I would like the brochure “Pro-life Today and Always” which is available with
donations of $25 or more.
I would also like the DVD "The Procedure", available with donations of $50 or more.
I would also like Theresa Burke's book “Forbidden Grief”, available with
donations of $100 or more.
* If you prefer not to have a premium, click here to proceed with your donation.

If you did select one of the options above, please let us know where to
ship the item(s) you selected:

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Once you have filled out your shipping information, click here to proceed with your donation. Remember, Gospel of Life is funded through Gospel of Life Ministries, which is why the page you are about to go to is a Gospel of Life Ministries page.

You may also mail or phone in your donation:

Gospel of Life Ministries
PO Box 60038
Staten Island, NY 10306
Tel. 888-735-3448
Fax 718-980-6515