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Political Spots (30 seconds)
  Christian Duty [Download Mp3]
  Government Involvement [Download Mp3]
  No Separation [Download Mp3]
  Power Over Life and Death [Download Mp3]
  Represent All People [Download Mp3]
  Right to Life is Primary [Download Mp3]
  Uphold God's Laws [Download Mp3]
  Where Candidates Stand [Download Mp3]
Political Spots (60 seconds)
  Distributing Campaign Literature
in Church Parking Lots
[Download Mp3]
  Primaries [Download Mp3]
  Voter Registration in Church [Download Mp3]
  Voter Registration Sunday [Download Mp3]
General Abortion Spots (60 seconds)
  Abortion Trauma [Download Mp3]
  Centurions [Download Mp3]
  Confused about Stem Cells? [Download Mp3]
  Holocaust and Abortion Stress [Download Mp3]
  Honesty [Download Mp3]
  I Don't Know [Download Mp3]
  Image of God [Download Mp3]
  Include the Unborn [Download Mp3]
  Justice [Download Mp3]
  Legal Isn't Safe [Download Mp3]
  Men Can't Speak Up? [Download Mp3]
  MYOB [Download Mp3]
  No Freedom No Choice [Download Mp3]
  Our Neighbor [Download Mp3]
  Pro-Choice Meaning [Download Mp3]
  Pro-Life Feminists [Download Mp3]
  Protect the Babies [Download Mp3]
  Reject All Violence [Download Mp3]
  Relevant Ministry [Download Mp3]
  Reverse the Question [Download Mp3]
  RU-486 [Download Mp3]
  Sandra's Story [Download Mp3]
  Share His Throne [Download Mp3]
  She's Expecting [Download Mp3]
  So What! [Download Mp3]
  The Bedroom [Download Mp3]
  This is My Body [Download Mp3]